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Why drug rehabs fail

Why does a drug rehab appear to have failed the client?

Families have the mistaken idea that a 28 day stay in a rehab will CURE this thing called addiction. They expect to drop off their loved one, pay their bill and they come out all new and fixed!  Just like the old person that they knew pre addiction and everything has been fixed and they are all good and new. Some times the rehab will even tell you this in the sales process. So, the family waits and 30 days later has an unrealistic expectation of a CURED loved one. But most of the time, they are disappointed.

BUT this is not the case –the person comes up and inevitably ends up using again. The family gets frustrated, angry and lost  and feels like they are back at the beginning. Then they call the rehab and send the loved one back. For round 2 —and sometimes it works but usually they come out and go back to using drugs and alcohol. Then the family  calls the rehab again and back in they go!

What is the issue? Why is there such a FAIL RATE?  It is very simple…rehabs keep the client away from drugs (well most do) and alcohol for 30 days and provide daily groups and weekly sessions with the clients being forced to go to meetings and learn 12 step stuff. Once the client gets out, there is no accountability…no supervision and the client goes home or to a sober house and all of sudden has freedom. WHAM! back to using….

So what is the solution?  How about a rehab at home along with a sober companion to show the client ACTUALLY ACCOMPANY THEM to all the high risk things that occur in normal everyday life. SO it is not just ‘do this when you get home’ it is ‘LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THIS”….THAT IS WHAT WE DO.

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