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Why is Executive Platinum Addiction Coaching and Private Drug and Alcohol treatment the Key to Success?

Why is Executive Platinum Addiction Coaching and Private Drug and Alcohol treatment the Key to Success?


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Why does a 30-day inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility NOT work for you and why you NEED to call us at The Addictions Coach about our Sober on Demand and Concierge Alternative to addiction drug and alcohol treatment.



  1. You don’t have time to sit around for 30 days. You need results FAST. We offer the same options you can get inside a drug and alcohol treatment facility in 3-10 days intensive,  AND we can work around your schedule.
  2. A treatment center gives you 4-6 hours of therapy the entire 30 days you are there. You need to get to the bottom of your problems fast, and you need measurable solutions. We offer 5-8 hours DAILY of intensive coaching and therapy, so you walk away with solutions and an action plan.
  3. In a drug and alcohol treatment center you are sharing your personal vices with strangers in a group room. You need and want discretion. You deserve confidentiality. We are 100% confidential. High-profile individuals need discretion.
  4. With a traditional drug and alcohol treatment program you must leave your life, your family, your work and ‘check in’ for a length of time. It is much more productive to stay in your own bed, in your own house, and work on your life in real time. We come to you, and help you get to the root cause of your vices and solve them in your world. This is very important so that you can see real solutions in real time.

As a Business Executive, CEO, Attorney, Pilot, Business Owner, Philanthropist, or other high-profile individual, you know the value of publicity and marketing. You understand how bad publicity can ruin you, your brand or your company, or even cost you your job.  You need Executive Recovery Coaching.

You need Platinum Executive Sober Coaching.

You know how important it is to keep personal secrets and demons at bay and not allow the world to view them. You need Executive Recovery Coaching. Sometimes it can get tiring struggling with a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction or sex addiction and try to hide it from the public eye.

You need Executive Recovery Coaching.

Cleaning up DUI‘s or other negative behaviors takes time, energy, and if not handled properly, can land you in jail or worse yet, ruin your company, your brand or your career. You need Executive Recovery Coaching. Tired of running from your demons? We can help.

Welcome to YOUR Life. Concierge Treatment, you EARNED it.

What do we offer?
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