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Why Online Sober Coaching is Important

Why Online Sober Coaching is Important

Sober coaching is inevitably going to be a new concept to many people out there and they’re bound to wonder what the hubbub is all about. However, it can difficult for many to fully comprehend the importance of online sober coaching as a distinct addictive treatment alternative. So, we’ll discuss what it is, what it isn’t, and what it does for local communities, entire industries, and the world. 

What is Online Sober Coaching

Drug treatment, as many know it, can be a bit restrictive. Commitment away from home is a no-go for most of the population, discretion is preferred but can hardly be achieved, and some facilities just aren’t within commuting distance. So, alternatives will inevitably pop up, some more reliable than others, and it’s just a matter of finding the one for you. Sober coaching in general is a fantastic option for many. A sober coach is an individual often trained to help clients with addictions battle their vices with step-by-step instruction, exercises, medical and holistic treatment, supervision, and referral to other resources if needed. They may work alongside other treatment alternatives such as a sober companion in order to maximize efficiency and are often on the go to meet their clients where they are. Unlike rehab, there is no dedicated stay at another location if unwanted, it’s handled with complete secrecy and is just as effective as traditional treatment.

An online sober coach is as the name implies. A sober coach that you can meet with online! Rather than scheduling in-person visits, you would schedule online meetings with your preferred coach and do what you would normally do! There are no caveats or setbacks, it’s a reliable and effective service no matter what. Some may ask why online sober coaching would be preferred by some, but it’s usually just a matter of comfort due to anxiety or just timing and availability. 

Now – this isn’t a service offered by many, and you should always take note of the provider. For reference, The Addictions Coach is a fantastic resource for things like sober coaching, as they have a heavy vetting process for any individual hoping to work there. Similarly, Sober on Demand is yet another fantastic provider that offers similar services with high standards. 

The Impact

So – what makes this useful service important? Well, its importance can be found in its convenience. The people most often affected by the issues we’ve mentioned are those who desperately need help and can’t afford to get it. If you’re someone struggling to get by or raising a family singlehandedly, being away from home for 30+ days is not an option. You need money, and your family needs a guardian. On the other end of things, for higher-profile individuals, discretion is a must. If you’re an executive and co-workers or higher-ups catch wind of a possible addiction, it could jeopardize your position. Not only that, but it damages one’s reputation. Now, should this be the case? Absolutely not! Recovery should not be gawked at as it is in the modern day, nor should it be as stigmatized. However, unfortunately, a reality where getting help isn’t a spectacle is far away, and we need solutions now. Even in the case of celebrities! A celebrity being sent to rehab, especially if the addiction wasn’t known about prior, is a PR nightmare and can be a huge scandal. An online sober coach can be met anywhere and anytime as long as there’s an internet connection, and that’s massive news. 

Finally, there’s the aspect of accommodation. Not everyone is comfortable with certain approaches towards treatment – group activities, in-person meetings, extended stays – and rather than telling someone to bite the bullet and tough it out, there’s an industry out there willing to say “This is your recovery journey, and we’re willing to help support you in whatever way we can.” A sentiment like that can go a long way. 


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