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Workplace: The Hidden Addiction

Trying to use drugs and alcohol and sustain a career or a job can be an overwhelming task. You want to drink and get high but you are supposed to be working. Maybe you struggle with the daunting idea that you can not be SOBER at work?  Do you fear losing your job because of your use? Are you tired of hiding it thinking ‘they’ don’t already know?

That is the struggle that goes on daily in your head. The train is moving 3000 miles an hour and you feel that you can not possible jump off and survive. A sober coach or a recovery coach can help. We can teach you to slow down the train and step off slowly before it derails and you lose everything. Loss of a job can be life crushing. If you have a family, rent, mortgage, car payment ~ it will all suffer and they will suffer as well.

If you are afraid to call your EAP because you don’t want to be labeled or defined as a drug or alcohol addict and be labeled at your job, we are 100% confidential.  Your boss and job does not need to know.

Sober Coaching and Recovery Coaching at The Addictions Coach is unique. We are staffed by Master’s Level therapists and psychotherapists that can assist you to get back on the right track and not derail your train!


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