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Zac Efron’s secret to staying sober

What is Zac Efron’s secret to staying sober?


LA Sober Coach: Zac Efron’s secret to staying sober

 What is Zac Efron’s secret to staying sober?

Zac Efron began his acting career when he was only 19 years old. In an interview, Efron said that when he turned to heavy drinking, it was a way to cope with the social pressures of his fame, which overwhelmed him. Zac Efron began a program of sobriety in 2013 and went into rehab in early 2014, before his alcoholism could become bad enough to destroy his career. Efron advocates the sober lifestyle including not only sobriety alone, but healthier choices in diet, exercise, and balance that fulfills a happy life. Celebrity or not, a Sober Coach can help anyone to get to the deep-seated issues that are holding them back and keeping them in active addiction or alcoholism.

Zac Efron’s secret to staying sober is below: 

Zac Efron: Another celeb that has been to rehab and credits ‘slowing down and meditation’ to sobriety. When a person goes from virtually unknown to star overnight, the pressure of money, fame and being free on the weekend overcomes someone and the weekend party becomes the week party. How does one derail the train?  How can one stay sober?  According to Zac Efron the secret is mediation and slowing down: does it work? Hiring a Sober Coach can help you learn just what slowing down means when it comes to finding balance in your life, setting healthier boundaries, improving your communication and social skills and much more. A Sober Coach will also help you to focus on using your intuition rather than making decisions based solely on emotion so that you can learn how to take action-oriented steps to act, rather than react.

If you are on the road to recovery and wish to get down to the underlying issues you may have and get ‘unstuck’ in your life, hiring a Sober Coach is for you.






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