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How does Addiction Change a Person?

How does Addiction Change a Person?

Have you ever asked yourself how addiction changes a person? Maybe you are asking this question because you yourself are in an active addict. Maybe you are asking this question because your loved one is actively using drugs or alcohol to excess. You could quite possibly be asking this question out of guilt because of the way you, as an active drug addict, have treated a loved one. Or you may be asking yourself this question out of spite because of the way you have been treated by a drug addict or alcoholic. Whatever the case may be, the list could quite possibly be close to endless when it comes to how addiction changes a person.

We are going to discuss the big four as I like to call them. In my opinion, the four main ways that addiction changes a person is physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally. Let’s start with how addiction changes a person physically. Addiction destroys the body physically. First of all, you have drugs like cocaine, meth or any other stimulant that decreases the appetite and causes you to lose rapid weight. This puts stress on the body and can cause cardiovascular issues. Then there are other drugs such as opiates and alcohol which cause you to gain weight. This rapid weight gain can cause diabetes in the future and other cardiovascular disorders. So it is easy to see that addiction can definitely change a person physically.

Another way that addiction it changes a person is spiritually. It seems that during active addiction many people become extremely shallow in the spiritual department. It seems that when, and only when people are at their lowest or behind bars is when they look to their spiritual relationships for comfort. This is backward thinking if you ask me!

Now, one of the most obvious ways that addiction changes a person is in the financial realm. It seems as though every addiction starts off as a little harmless fun on the weekend with a very comfortable bank account in the beginning and after years of drug addiction and years of drug abuse most addicts are in financial distress. Drug addictions will usually destroy a bank account! No questions asked!

Now, finally, we will discuss the most important way addiction changes a person in my opinion. And this would be emotionally. People that are neck deep in active drug addiction are just emotionally not there for themselves, family members or any loved one. There are also certain drugs like opiates that actually hijack the pleasure centers of the brain and things that a drug attic to used to love to do just don’t interest them anymore. The good news is this can all be reversed and corrected once the drug use stops. So there you go, when you ask yourself how addiction change as a person it’s a safe bet to start with the four that we listed above. Physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally. At The Addictions Coach Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

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