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Six Ways A Certified Addictions Coach Can Help You

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Six Ways A Certified Addictions Coach Can Help You

Addictions are a tricky subject. It’s hard to know how to help someone who is struggling with addiction. The person dealing with addiction frequently does not know where to turn for help. They may feel like they need to deal with it alone, but ultimately this just makes the process longer and more complex than necessary.

A certified addictions coach can help you. An accredited addictions coach has completed a training course that teaches them how to deal with addiction and the challenges it presents. They work one-on-one with clients of all kinds, from people who want to quit smoking for good to those coping with serious alcohol or drug problems.

Here are a few ways a certified addictions coach can help you:

They provide knowledgeable, professional support

An addictions coach is trained to deal with addiction in a variety of different situations. They know how to talk about every aspect of the problem with the individual dealing with it, and they can guide that person towards coping strategies that will work for them.

A certified addictions coach can help you through every step of the recovery process, from finding a support group to learning new coping skills or dealing with stress and anxiety to making sure you stay on track after your treatment is over. They will push you to work hard and be realistic about what you are doing and how long it should take.

Teach you how to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other issues

Addiction and the challenge of recovering from it can bring up a lot of stress and anxiety in those dealing with it. Addiction is also commonly linked with depression, and some people begin using drugs or alcohol to cope with depression rather than seeking professional help for their problems.

A certified addictions coach is trained to deal with these issues and help people learn new coping skills. They can help pick up your self-esteem, teach you how to handle stress and anxiety productively, and give you other coping mechanisms that will be useful when dealing with addiction in the future.

Help you get back on track

Addiction is something that damages many aspects of an individual’s life. For example, it may lead them to lose friends or family, lose their job or other jobs they had, and cause money problems.

An addictions coach can help you get back on track by providing support while you complete certain tasks (such as getting a new job) in addition to helping you deal with the anxiety of change that comes as your life changes after addiction issues are dealt with.

Make it easier for you to deal with addiction in the future

When you deal with addiction, the greatest challenge is that it never goes away. You may have conquered your substance abuse problems for now, but without further treatment and support, they could return at any time.

A certified addictions coach can provide the necessary support to keep good coping mechanisms in place while you are dealing with addiction and help you avoid relapse as much as possible. They can also teach you useful skills and provide support when you are feeling tempted to use again that will help you deal with the problem head-on rather than allowing it to snowball into a bigger issue than it needs to be.

Help you set goals and break them down into manageable steps

Addiction recovery can be daunting, with many different aspects to address and challenges to overcome. A certified addictions coach can help you break down the process into manageable steps, making it easier to work towards your ultimate goal.

They will also be able to provide support on a more practical level as you deal with each step along the way and help make sure you stay on track to reach that ultimate goal.

They can motivate you to stay on track and ensure that your challenges don’t get in the way of your recovery. In addition, they can provide useful feedback to help keep you on track and give you a place to find motivation when the going gets tough.

Working with a certified addiction coach is confidential

Your coach is your safe space and confidant. When you work with a certified addictions coach, they will keep everything you talk about completely confidential.

They are not allowed to share what you discuss together outside of a session unless it is part of the treatment or another issue that affects your safety. They will also never judge what you talk about with them and provide an environment where you feel supported and comfortable.

Learn how to deal with substance abuse issues and other challenges

Don’t let your addiction control your life any longer. A certified addictions coach can help you learn how to overcome these issues and never to have to worry about them again.

Put the power back into your hands by learning what it takes to deal with these problems and work towards a drug-free lifestyle. Get in touch with a coach today and know how you can retake control.


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